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Restoring BEC in its 75th year

By Eleanor Guerrero CCN Senior Reporter

The annual meeting of the Beartooth Electric Cooperative’s (BEC) was held Saturday, Sept. 28, at Yellowstone Dog Sports in Roberts. President Roxy Melton came out strong on BEC’s 75th anniversary. “The co-op returns to the tradition of membership control. We don’t believe that providing our own energy is necessary.” Her comments reflected on the previous board’s decision as a member of Southern Montana Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative, Inc.(Southern) to build its own power plant, the Highwood Generating Station (HGS). HGS cost $85 million dollars, but a report filed finds no current value for the plant. Only $1.18 million is valued for the land. HGS contributed to the ongoing and contentious Southern bankruptcy. Melton assured members, “Contrary to what the trustee said if we liquidate Southern, the lights will not go out.”

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